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Bail Applications


We frequently run bail applications in the Magistrates, Supreme and County Courts. We are well placed to assist if you require a bail application to be listed in any of these localities or indeed anywhere in Melbourne and greater Victoria. 

Bail is a complicated area of law governed by the Bail Act of Victoria. There are a number of different tests that relate to bail, including:

Contested Hearings


You are in no way obliged to plead guilty and the Magistrate who hears the contest mention is not meant to hear the contested hearing. Often the Magistrate will give a common sense evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence against you

A contest mention is a step that is used to resolve matters that are going to be a contested hearing / plea of not guilty.


Pleas, Trials & Appeals

If you choose to give up your right to trial in a criminal case and enter a guilty plea, you will be giving up not only a trial but also, in most instances, the right to appeal any legal or factual issues to a higher court.


Once you have entered a guilty plea, the judge will convict you based on your own admissions, and you will ordinarily have no grounds to undo that conviction in a court of appeals. You may, however, be able to appeal your sentence, as long as you have not given up that right in any plea deal with the prosecution. 

Legal Advice


You don’t need to pay a fortune to get sound legal advice. We have a team of dedicated legal professionals who can help you manage your legal affairs without charging you the earth. We will advise you up front what our charges will be for all common legal tasks so that you can plan ahead with the peace of mind of knowing exactly where you stand in terms of your legal rights and financially. 


Client Support & Referral

Where possible, we maintain a database of the best quality support services who have registered their details, areas of support available and information with us. This allows us to easily search for quality support and refer you only to the best suited professional that meet your individual needs and quickly provide you with the support you need.


Being charged with a criminal offence can be a stressful and daunting situation. Our experienced team of Criminal Lawyers will help you navigate the legal system and fight to get you the best result. Information to inform and guide you during the process is pivotal and we provide you with quality information every step of the way regardless of what the charge maybe or any other summary offence​​